Kevin Healy

Research Fellow in Zoology at Trinity College Dublin - IE


I am a macroecologist interested in the large patterns that govern life

My research has includes understanding the fundamental drivers of foraging and life history evolution. However, if you know me already you will know that if its a big pattern I'm also probabley inttrested in that too. I am mainly interested in using analytical and comparative approaches to answer questions relating to the ecology and evolution of species traits relating to foraging and life-history. My PhD focused on the evolution of traits relating to the capture of prey, such as venom toxicity and motion perception, and the expected influence of high predation pressures on life-history traits such as lifespan. My current research centres on using comparative methods and data from the demography databases COMPADRE and COMADRE to investigate patterns of variation in life-history traits in plants and animals.

I also actively communicate my work through teaching and by promoting evolutionary sciences to the general public (namely through the EcoEvo@TCD blog and events such as Discover Research Night.